Our 2015-16 Church School program started in September, but we accept newcomers all year. Contact Sarah Monzon to arrange to:

  • Meet the Catechists
  • Tour the atriums
  • Ask questions, and get answers!

Children's Sunday School at Trinity

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to
religious education that honors the “spiritual potential”
of the child. Based on a synthesis of principles articulated by Maria Montessori our Sunday School program offers the essentials of the Christian faith in a way that engages and delights children ages 3–12.

Throughout all three levels, the child encounters the essentials of the Faith. All three levels include presentations on the Sacraments, the Bible, Geography, Infancy and Passion Narratives, Prophecies, Parables, and Maxims in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. The presentation increase in detail and sophistication as the child matures.


Trinity Church offers three Atriums on Sunday, along with a Nursery for our youngest, in tandem with the 10am service.

The program runs from September through the end
of May.

The Atriums are:
Level I:
ages 3.5 through Kindergarten

Level II:
First through Third Grade

Level III:
Fourth through Sixth Grade

Contact us to learn more: office@trinitymelrose.net

Parental Participation
The children’s spiritual formation program is a valued and important ministry at Trinity Church. Like all of the Church’s activities and ministries it is “owned and operated” by the people of Trinity. Inspired by the gifts of the Holy Spirit our parishioners serve as:

• Catechists and co-catechists
• Atrium Assistants
• Material Makers

Catechesis Includes:
A prepared environment, or atrium. This arrangement of space and time in the atrium facilitates both independence and interdependence as children are taught to care for their materials with “practical life” presentations and to interact with their peers with the “grace and courtesy” appropriate to a faith community.

Presentations tell Bible stories and explore liturgy using three-dimensional materials. During the presentation children watch and listen together as the Scripture is read and the materials are moved to “act out” the story. Follow-up opportunity to “work with” the materials individually encourages a deeper connection to the story.

Worship – A model altar, a miniature chalice and paten, the colors of the church year shown in model vestments; these -and many other materials in the atrium prepare the child to participate in worship with the congregation in a meaningful way.

Wondering – The young child’s natural tendency to wonder is honored as a unique gift. It is the basis of the spiritual life. Presentations are followed with “wondering questions” which are open-ended and invite the child to reflect and integrate Bible and liturgy into their own experience.

Prayer and Silence – Young children have the capacity to experience God’s presence when taught to quiet their bodies and listen for God’s still, small voice. This capacity is valued and encouraged with “prayer circle time,” games and presentations that teach control of movement and centering.

The Catechists are adults in the parish who learn the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd approach in on-going formation sessions. They learn the stages of a child’s spiritual development, see and practice each presentation, and listen to and reflect on the central mysteries of the Christian faith as they are demonstrated in the presentations.